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From The Boston Globe: Big Brother Out Of Control

An interesting piece by the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby. It’s no secret that Americans are too fat for their own good, and that many parents make poor choices in determining what their children eat.   While this may not rise to … Continue reading

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From The Economist: Baseball in China: Striking out

With baseball being big in other parts of East Asia–Korea, Japan and Taiwan in particular, it wouldn’t take a great leap to assume it was big in China as well. Not so.  Chairman Mao apparently championed basketball as the worker’s sport.  Baseball … Continue reading

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From ABC News: Kevin Smith Too Fat To Fly

Customer of Size.  It’s the new Fatso.  Sure, it takes three more syllables to say,  but you can throw it around with a clear conscience. Big Story Here:  Kevin Smith Too Fat to Fly – ABC News. Smaktakula

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