Career Opportunities: United Nation Office For Outer Space Affairs

By Smaktakula

Mazlan Othman heads the United Nation Office for Outer Space Affairs.  Despite recently published rumors, Othman said her office will not be acting as diplomats in the event Earth is visited by extra-terrestrial life.

"Thanks UN, For Bringing Meaning To My Pathetic Existence."

Given that the UNOOSA has eliminated diplomacy from its purview, a job with this agency can be very lucrative and undemanding.  In an organization already famous for its corruption and ineffectiveness, the UNOOSA offers an unequalled opportunity for both.

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2 Responses to Career Opportunities: United Nation Office For Outer Space Affairs

  1. Some Guy says:

    Having gone to school for a degree that’s just barely more valuable in the marketplace than a criminal record, I find myself spending a lot of time reading up about other people’s stupid and/or lucrative careers and thinking to myself “I got the wrong degree.”

    I kinda want to do that right now, but then, I don’t have any what kind of degree one would need to get to not act as a diplomat to extra-terrestrial life. I’m already doing that, in fact, and haven’t seen a cent for it.

    And how is Mazlan Othman qualified to fill the job of not talking to the aliens that haven’t visited us yet? Did she read Contact, or has she watched every episode of Futurama? Astrophysicist, my ass—we need a science-fiction geek in that office.

    • Smaktakula says:

      Agreed. A liberal arts degree didn’t make Smaktakula rich. It took swindling a succession of wealthy widows to do that.

      Before the life of easy leisure, Smaktakula dreamed of being a shiftless layabout.

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