OC Republicans Take Racism To New Low

By Smaktakula

OC Republicans Enjoying Their Semi-Annual Retreat At Dana Point.

Just when America thinks it has a handle on its deep-seated racism, something comes along to stir the flames.  Marilyn Davenport, a member of the Orange County Republican Committee, recently circulated an email with a picture of President Obama’s face superimposed on an ape’s body.

Although Davenport ridiculously claims not to have considered the President’s race when sending out this bigoted email, most commentators were able to see through her diaphanous veil of chicanery.  To call this ugly attack on the President–and all African-Americans–anything other than racism is to deny reality.

Although the Republicans will no doubt attempt to throw Davenport under the bus by stripping her of her position, it’s highly probable that many share Davenport’s pernicious views.  Although many Republicans voted for Obama in 2008, making the United States the first Western nation to elect a black man as Chief Executive, it’s likely they voted this way so that they could finally take their hate to a national level.

This Is The Kind Of Sexist Filth That--Oh Wait--Is That Sarah Palin? Funny Stuff!

Here’s a simple primer, with several acceptable images and one which is offensive:

This Is Not Racist.

Nor This.

Still Not Racist.


This Is Fine.

george bush monkey

This One Is Also Okay.

Completely Free Of Racial Animus.


Obama monkey

This Is Simply Vile. We Are So Sorry You Had To See This.

On a related note:
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Is It Ever Okay To Compare A Person Or Group Of People To A Family Of Opossums? No, Not For Any Particular Reason--We Were Just Wondering.

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3 Responses to OC Republicans Take Racism To New Low

  1. Matt Small says:

    You massive hypocrits,unless this is some kind of meta joke about rascism then you are as racist as the OC Republicians, look at the pis you have 2 american presidents being depicted as monkeys and you’re saying its okfor one and not the other BASED SOLELY ON THE COLOUR OF THEIR SKIN!!! I hate Bush and his policies as much as any sane person but to say one rule for on and not the other your as much part of the problem as the people who made that cartoon, by choosing to interpret racistly… for shame

    • Smaktakula says:

      Dang–we were really hoping that you would like this one, Matt.

    • Some Guy says:

      Matt, the crucial, obvious, and fundamental difference you’re ignoring here is that in this country (and plenty of others), comparing black people to monkeys—and thus implying that they’re stupid, primitive, dirty, dangerous, or what have you—is, and has been for decades if not centuries, as racist as it gets—but there’s not, and has never been, a racist connotation in comparing white people to monkeys.

      That doesn’t mean they’ll never be one, but there just isn’t one now. Comparing a black guy to a monkey and then trying to act like it’s not racist is as absurd, futile, and narrow-minded as putting a burning cross in his yard and trying to act like it’s nothing more than a way of saying “hey, I love Jesus, and it’s nighttime, so I want everybody to see it.” It’s obviously, horribly wrong.

      And anybody who argues that Marilyn Davenport wasn’t aware that she was being racist when she sent out her racist e-mail is skirting dangerously close to utter stupidity. That was her argument, incidentally.

      So you’re mistaken, there is no double-standard here, no hypocrisy in saying that depicting Bush as a monkey isn’t racist, while claiming that Obama being depicted the same way is.

      If your argument was simply that it’s not very nice to imply that people are monkeys, you’d be spot on. But it wasn’t.

      Also, “hypocrites” has an “e” in it.

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