This Day In History: May 2, 2011 CE

On which reclusive dick and all-around nastyman Osama bin Laden is shot down like a filthy animal among his voluminous porn collection.

The Thought Of His Cringing Demise Among Heaping Stacks Of Fluid-Spattered Porn Keeps Us Warm At Night.

Below are a few of Promethean Times‘ original stories about this happy event:

Bin Laden: The Final Hours

After Osama

Osama’s Pakistani Whack Shack

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6 Responses to This Day In History: May 2, 2011 CE

  1. crubin says:

    I find it interesting the Republicans are dogging Obama for politicizing this anniversary. As if they wouldn’t do exactly the same thing were the situation reversed…

  2. Politics is like that. Yes I am a Republican- and admittedly this is one thing BO did right.( I still don’t agree with BO overall and hell would freeze over before I’d vote for him.) I also freely admit had this been a victory facilitated by a Republican president the showboating would not seem nearly as offensive- at least to me.

    However, I still think the guys in Seal Team 6 rightfully deserve the lion’s share of the glory, and I would say that even if it were the venerable Ronald Reagan himself who had been giving the directives.

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