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Tales Of The Dewey Presidency

By Tardsie You probably know by now that my hapless college friend Steve frequently found himself on the receiving end of innumerable pranks and other instances of only partially deserved churlishness. There were many times, however, when his particularly high-strung … Continue reading

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The Apple And The Razor Blade

By Smaktakula Anyone who’s ever gone trick-or-treating (sorry Jehovah’s Witnesses, you’ll just have to use your imaginations) has likely heard the various tales breathlessly told about tainted candy passed off to unsuspecting children. Although these ghastly stories of stranger-danger are … Continue reading

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No Burnout For These Burnouts

By Smaktakula One of the most paradigm-shifting developments of the Information Revolution has been often cacophonous proliferation of voices on the internet, from all walks of life and from the furthest reaches of the globe. Nowhere is this more apparent … Continue reading

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True Facts: Twins

By Smaktakula Some common misapprehensions about identical twins: 1) In most societies, the belief persists that identical twins are a blessing. In fact, they are evidence of God’s displeasure. 2) There is no “evil twin” per se. However, because identical … Continue reading

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Let’s Try Hating Someone New

By Smaktakula Humanity is no stranger to hate. Throughout its long and bloody history, Homo sapiens has always managed to find a worthwhile reason not just to oppose another group’s political and social agenda, but to despise and fear the individuals who … Continue reading

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We Got Your Culture Right Here, Man

By Smaktakula We were cobbling together another installment of Ask Tardsie when it occurred to us that we haven’t done enough to ensure the cultural edification of our audience. As professional recording artists (for those of you who, like us, have … Continue reading

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Ask Tardsie: Muzzle That Little Demon

By Tardsie Welcome at last to our first “real” installment of Ask Tardsie, where we answer your questions–no matter how bizarre or uninformed–as honestly as we feel like. We believe that Tardsie’s wisdom has the power to change the world, … Continue reading

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