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Whitewashing the nasty histories of revolutionaries (whom we call “Terrorists” when they’re unsuccessful) like Lenin, Mao and even Hugo Chavez is nothing new.  In recent decades, despite the myriad available evidence of Che Guevara’s complete illiberalism and misanthropic disregard for his fellow human beings, a “Cult of Che” has formed around the perceived memory of this poorly understood,  but iconic killer.

Che was a bad enough guy based on what is already known about him.  If the face of  these allegations of racism, Guevara’s defenders will no doubt riposte with a verbal and logical loop-de-loop which will satisfy no one but the folks who were ga-ga for him in the first place.

Say what you will about Che, but long after his death, his indelible image lives on.  What better way to say “Screw You” to the soul-crushing forces of capitalism than by purchasing one of the many fine products bearing El Che’s likeness?  I’m picking up the Che Guevara Bobble Head to let the world know that Smaktakula is a rebel who plays by his own rules.


Check it out for yourself:  Viva la Causa: MSM Dupes Celebrate the Racist Roots of the Castro/Che Revolution.