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By Smaktakula

Ibanez Turned A Deaf Ear To Common Sense When He Listened To A Woman With The MethFace.

Bottom-feeding lowlifes Barbara Lee and Marco Ibanez have been arrested after assaulting two men in a Florida nightclub.  Along with a third individual who is a minor and has not been named, the pair proved not only their place among the basest forms of life on the planet, but also that they’re incredibly stupid.

O Is For "Oh My God, I Can't Believe What A Fucking Moron You Are."

The trouble started when Lee spotted two men whom she thought were throwing gang signs at her.  Lee, who is apparently a wannabe gang floozy in addition to being a veteran barskank, flashed her own set’s signs back at the men.  Undaunted, the two men continued with their provocative behavior, seemingly oblivious to Lee’s very overt message.

These Young Men Are Part Of The Community Welcome Association.

Rebuffed by the men in a direct encounter, Lee left the bar, only to return sometime later with Ibanez.  The pair, along with their juvenile accomplice, set upon the victims.  In the ensuing melee, the victims were stabbed several times, and Lee managed to injure a security guard with a broken champagne bottle.  At the very least, however, Lee and Ibanez proved their pride in standing up for their set against provocations by other gang members.

On The Need To Treat The Handicapped With Dignity, Helen Keller Once Said, "Umma Gaaah Urrrrrr Oooooooh Hunna Yaa!"

However, the situation appeared quite differently when it was revealed that the two victims were deaf, and what Lee had interpreted as gang signs was actually just a sign-language conversation between the two men.  In light of these details, Lee and Ibanez were shown to be nothing more than sub-moronic assweasels.

A Little Bit Of Sign Language We All Can Appreciate.