Douchebags Emeritus

People, Places & Things Richly Deserving Of Our Contempt
He belonged to that numerous and varied legion of vulgar people, those more-dead-than-alive abortions and semi-literate half-wits who at once become the adherents of the most fashionable and popular ideas in order to vulgarize them and caricature every cause they so sincerely serve.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


John Wayne Bobbitt

Ironically named wife-beating penis-lacking jackass.



Treacherous cur.


Guy Fieri

Meth?  Wife-Beating?  Tax Evasion?  He’s guilty of something, damn it!


Hamid Karzai

Corrupt–and crazy–Afghan despot.


Jackpot, Nevada

Craphole extraordinaire, and subject of bad poetry.  Twice.


Jeffrey Jones

Thespian/Creepy Pedophile.


Michael “MiLo” Lohan

Parental paragon and compulsive self-Googler.


Major League Eating

Vulgar non-sport.


Charles Manson

Diminutive Beatles fan with a beef against Promethean Times.


The Reverend George Rekers

Torn between his unquenchable–and irreconcilable–love for not only the Lord Jesus but also sweet, sweet man-ass.


Fred Phelps

Soulless fucknugget.  Sure to receive his just reward from the Almighty.  And again.


Shannon Price

More of a cooze, really.


Alex Rodriguez

Saner than Bradley, more reliable than Sherrill–but still unrivaled in all of baseball douchedom.


Charlie Sheen

Toothless cretin.  Enjoys partying and wife-beating.



Pitiable loser who clings to a nickname “earned” from a fumbling, unconsummated sexual encounter.


Lucy Van Pelt

Cold-hearted bitch.

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