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By smaktakula

We Know Some People Like That.

it seems like nobody gives a care about grammer theseadays.  from angry rants on internet 2 billbords 2 newspaper articles our growing grammatical dumbness is transforming into a national trate trate and not just grammer but also spelling and other stuff

americans should take notice of this cause the rest of the world has.  they look with enviosy at are raw, untamed ignorance and say God damm those are some stupid basterds!  why than should’nt we all so embrace this disti uniqueness and have a special day wear we honor talking bad? lol

americans join us on friday novem. 31st to celibate are own thing or whatever were tired of talking l8s

In Case You Wanted To Know.


On The Plus Side, She Probably Won't Be Able To Read Really Big Words Like 'Rohypnol.'

Prior To Reconstruction, The Road Had Served As An Expressway To A Bright And Shining Future.

It Means Doin' It With Animals.

Ha Ha, But Not Really--English Nerds Don't Do It At All.

Just Like The Real Nazis. Except For All The Mass Murder.

We love you long time.  ∞ T.