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By Smaktakula

Aw, Cheer Up, Grumpus!

With record temperatures baking the nation, the highways and Interstates clogged with holiday travellers and the myriad pressures of the work-a-day world, it’s a fair bet somebody could use a laugh today.

Promethean Times is headquartered in San Luis Obispo County, California, which is situated on the coast between better-known counties, Santa Barbara and Monterey. Nonetheless, our little patch of the world has attracted some attention–a no-less authoritative source than the nigh-deific Oprah Winfrey has declared San Luis Obispo to be the “Happiest City in America.”

In the following video, Lady Winfrey dispatches her humpalicious lackey, Jenny McCarthy, to investigate the secret behind “the SLO life.”

 Jenny’s a ‘tard, but we really do know our neighbors. Lately, I’ve heard people bandy about a lot of shit about the supposed phoniness of the phrase “Have a nice day” or the Hollywood shallowness of Californians, but that’s not what I see.

Here’s a non-Oprah (and completely unbiased) testament to our greatness:

As this goes to press at 3:45 PM PST (Proper Standard Time), the temperature in SLO is somewhere around 75 degrees.

And that’s where we live!

Hey, Thanks A Lot For Letting Us Share, Gang!

But wait! you say, That wasn’t funny! That wasn’t funny at all. I thought you said somebody needed a laugh!

We’re very sorry that you misunderstood, but if it helps–we’re laughing.

Much love, everybody. Stay cool. ∞ T.