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By Smaktakula

Because We’re All About Overly-Structured Ancient Art Forms.

Another Anthem For Doomed Youth (Apologies to Wilfred Owen) or What I Saw At Albertsons The Other Day

Flanked by grandparents
a pregnant teen stumbles past
lost in her iPad.

Enjoy That iPad, Honey. That’s About As Good As It’s Gonna Get For The Next Two Decades.


When you aren’t around
That’s when the shit goes down.
Life’s peripheral.


Nothing in this world
will keep from me the knowledge
that you are not here.

Oh Yeah, We Can Be As Schmaltzy As A Fucking Hallmark When We Put Our Minds To It.


Love brings to life joy
and death its awful lesson.
Sweet hope sustains us.


Failure’s Epitaph:
I knew I couldn’t beat them
and so I didn’t.

It Can Be Liberating To Finally Realize That Even The Almighty Regards You As Something Of A Punchline.

On My Transcendent Awesomeness

I am so damn cool
that I have made language itself my bitch, enabling me to pack this sucker with more syllables than would traditionally be allowed in
proper haiku form.

It’s So Very True. But You Already Knew That, Didn’t You?