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By Smaktakula

At last!  We didn’t think America was ready for it, but in this instance at least, we’re happy to be proven wrong.  A delightful new business enterprise is sweeping the nation–the blow-dry bar.

There's Still The Rub & Tug Massage Parlor Out By The Airport.

Wait–is that blow dry bar?  It is?  Dry?  Really?  Huh.   It’s just that we thought . . . y’know there are only three letters in ‘dry,’ so if you look at it real quick it’s easy to . . . and it’s not that blow dry bars aren’t cool in their own way for the people who are into that .  .  .  but wouldn’t–just for a minute now suppose–wouldn’t it be cool if, like, instead of blow dry bars they had, you know . . . C’mon, right? . . . never mind.