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By Smaktakula

In November of 1965, British rock band The Who cemented their place in music history with their classic hit, My Generation.  However, a great many people wholeheartedly share Pete Townsend’s desire (as expressed by Roger Daltrey) to do the decent thing and quietly expire before old age could catch up with him.

And yet, forty-five years later, Daltrey and Townsend still live.

Daltrey: Credits His Grandson Cody For Suggesting He Shorten The Famous Lyric To "Hope I Die."

Did You Know? This Rumpled Pedophile Was Once A Promising Musician. In Those Days He Didn't Carry Around Jars Of His Own Urine.

Well, since you brought it up–We were hoping for the same thing.  What happened with that, fellas?