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By Smaktakula

Potatoes, Perverts & Polygamists. That’s Pretty Much It.

Some time ago,  komonews.com ran a pictorial featuring the mugshots of smiling IdahoansPromethean Times is pleased to present the best of this cavalcade of mongoloids, in some cases with a little of the backstory.

This Is What Results When A Man Takes A Doberman Pincer As His Bride.

Damn! A Medium-Sized Child Could Squeeze Through That Thing.

Returns To Normal If Properly Hydrated.

No Stranger To Prison, This Guy Already Has A Swastika Tattooed On His Ass.


“There Are Those Who Say It Is Impossible To Eat A QP Of Medical Grade Weed In The Time It Takes A State Trooper To Approach Your Car, But I Am Living Proof That It Can Be Done.”

“Man, I Was Just A Passenger In The Car. So Why Am I Being Charged With Possession With Intent To Deal? Oh, Right. Fuck Idaho!”

No Need To Pity Her. This Is What Passes For Sexy In Idaho.

Regardless Of What She Did, This One Needs To Be Locked Away For A Long Time. Just Look At Her–She’s Got Crazy-Eyes!

With Some Folks, Everything About Them Screams “CHILD MOLESTER.”

Where Have We Seen That Before?

When The Bieber Madness Makes It To The Backwoods, Is There Any Hope For America?

“It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin, Or Else It Gets The Hose Again.”

Sometimes Celebrities Get Busted:

Norville “Shaggy” Rogers, Stoner Detective.

Methamphetamine Has Not Treated Miss Piggy Kindly.

Chris Farley: Not Dead After All. Prefers To Be Called Christine.


Luckily For You, Horses Are Not Considered Culpable For Crimes In Idaho. Now Trot On Home, Little Filly.