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This was originally posted back in 2011 after the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords of Arizona. Today seems appropriate to reprint it, as perhaps we need a reminder.

By Smaktakula

Nothing brings out assholes like a tragedy, and Saturday’s horrific mass shooting in Tuscon is no exception. As in this instance, assholes often reveal themselves through their initial thoughts.


“You Know, If Giffords Had Been Packing A Gun Of Her Own, We Wouldn’t Be Having This Conversation Right Now.”


“Well, If This Gets America To Get Rid Of Its Guns, I Guess It’s Worth It.”


“My God. No Words Exist To Express My Deep Shock And Sorrow. My Heart Goes Out To The Families Of The Six People Who Were Murdered, And To The Dozen Or So More Who Are Hospitalized. I’m So, So Sorry.”