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By Smaktakula

Yeah, It’s For Sure Our Worst Title Ever, But Focus Instead On The Exciting New Feature.

Specifically, with soliciting questions from our readership!

Daily, a devoted legion of readers around the world turns to Promethean Times for the answers that matter most in their lives.¹ We do not take this responsibility lightly, and as our readers live increasingly complex and demanding lives, we strive to meet their needs.

If This Disturbing Homunculus Could Opine On The Life Erotic, We Figure We Can Talk About Anything.

And what people really need is another advice column. Specifically an audio advice column.

Promethean Times‘ very own advice column, Ask Tardsie, will be debuting in these pages very soon. We invite you to any and all questions to Tardsie about any subject whatsoever. Seriously–dating advice, astrology, cooking tips–you know, whatever. We’ll try to answer all questions, and as honestly as we feel like. If you don’t send ’em, we’ll have to make ’em, up–and we can guarantee they’ll be weak-ass questions like “Why are you so damn cool?” You can submit your questions in the space for comment below or email Tardsie directly at tardsie@gmail.com

There Is Perhaps No Better Barometer Of A Feature’s Worth Than To Know It Is Taking Space That Would Be Better Served By Those Creepy Naked “Love IS” Kids.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy this first installment of Ask Tardsie. NSFW, but for the typical PT reasons of potty-mouthery, and not any crazy holy rollin’ (and the mix is a bit louder than we’d like, but it won’t sound like the Blue Angels coming through your speakers; we could have remastered it, but thought you would enjoy a little audience participation. We’re helpful like that).

The Difference Between An Advice Columnist And A Dog-Catcher? Not Just Anybody Can Be A Dog-Catcher.

¹And we can say with a straight face that we’re at least as objective as either Fox News or MSNBC.