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How Many AK-47s Will This Get Me?

Recently, allegations have been made that millions of dollars raised by Live Aid and intended for famine relief ended up in the hands of Ethiopian rebel groups.   If true, these charges are disappointing, to say the least, if not terribly surprising.

Aregawi Berhe, the former military commander of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), claimed that of the $100 million that went through the rebels’ hands, 95 per cent was diverted to buy weapons or recruit Ethiopians to their cause. He said the rebels put on a “drama” to get their hands on the relief money. “The aid workers were fooled,” he said.

Why did it take a quarter of a century for this information to come to light?

In a related matter, Promethean Times is launching an investigation into allegations that Farm Aid donations were illegally channelled to John Deere executives to help fund their bloody and protracted war against Caterpillar.

Read about another Great Rock & Roll Swindle: Live Aid donations ‘were diverted to arm Ethiopian rebels’ – Times Online.