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Despite how it may appear, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ichiro Suzuki are not expressing the love which dare not speak its name–at least not explicitly.  This is just one of several amusing 2010 Seattle Mariners commercials (with bloopers):

For a while now the Seattle Mariners have been producing excellent commercials featuring both high production values and also a folksy, small-market vibe.

This year’s offerings include Cliff Lee as “The Man With Two First Names,” “The Bullpen Abomination” and “Griffey Chats With Ichiro.” 

If at least a few things go right for Seattle in 2010 (hopefully the news that peevish outfielder Milton Bradley has already been tossed twice in the preseason is not an omen of rough seas ahead), the Mariners look like they might be ready to challenge to challenge in the AL West.  With a little luck, the team’s commercials may not be the highlight of the 2010 season.