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By Smaktakula

So much in life can hinge upon a single decision.  Once made, some choices come with attendant consequences which are difficult to foresee, but which can exert profound effects upon the whole of a person’s life.  These may be correct decisions, like choosing not to blow one’s unemployment check on lottery tickets again.  Sometimes they’re poor decisions, like torching an apartment complex.  For good or for ill, an individual’s permanent record is a partner for life.

What today’s youth tend to forget is that while a permanent record is built by the young, it must be carried by the old.  The information contained in a person’s permanent record can affect his career options and future earning potential, the type of friends and hobbies he will have, and even the attractiveness of his future mate.

We present the following cautionary example:

Perhaps This Isn't The Best Example. Still, Can You Imagine How Good His Life Would Be Right Now If He Didn't Have A Record?

Stay in school.  Stay out of trouble.  Don’t throw your life away.

Our permanent record,
Should you want to know,
Is pure and clean
Like the driven snow.
Burma Shave ∞T.