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By Smaktakula

Who Doesn't, Right?

The Keep A Breast Foundation has an inarguably honorable mission: “{T}o increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.”  Only the most twisted and misanthropic individual could believe that educating the public about breast cancer  was a bad thing; as goes the old cliché, “If even one life is saved . . .”

We're Pretty Sure You Knew This Wasn't What We Meant By "Sweater Kittens," But It Does Help To Explain The Rabbit In The Cardigan.

Although theirs is a laudable goal, the KABF does their movement a marked disservice by employing inappropriate terms in their most prominent campaign: I ♥ Boobies.  We are confounded as to why the Foundation would attach a juvenile term like “Boobies” to such a serious issue, as it only detracts from KABF’s very important message.  With a plethora of synonyms for “breasts” from which to choose, this worthwhile organization has sadly opted to tread a sophomoric path by using juvenile  language which might be considered appropriate in a junior high locker room.  Perhaps we will have to mature as a culture before a more appropriate term is widely used.  But for crying out loud, people–they’re called tits!

What, Are You Still In The Seventh Grade?

Face!  You are so faced.  We got you good. ∞T.