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By Smaktakula

Look, EVERYBODY Can't Have A Choice, Right?

Suzie got pregnant.  Her boyfriend was thrilled and wanted to be a father, but the dreams Suzie had for herself didn’t include a child.  Against the wishes of her boyfriend, she bravely terminated the pregnancy.  Suzie is an independent woman making choices for herself.

Because You Can't Let One Little Mistake Ruin Your Life.

Rob got his girlfriend pregnant.  She wanted a baby and was ready to start a family, but the plans Rob had made for his future didn’t allow for the expense of raising a child.  He didn’t want it, and demanded that his girlfriend terminate the pregnancy.  She bravely refused, and took that selfish deadbeat to court.  Rob is an asshole who’s only looking out for himself.

Well, Hopefully You Won't Make That Mistake Again. In The Meantime, You Have Eighteen Years To Think About What You've Done.

Choice is fundamental to our liberty.  She decides whether to keep the child, and he decides whether to pay child support or go to jail for six months at a time.  So in a way, everybody wins! ∞T.