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By Smaktakula

Hey, These Things Aren't Free.

We understand. Your lust for easy credit, malt liquor and Scratch ‘Em tickets has left you and your family in a not-inconsiderable financial bind. Naturally, your first inclination is to recoup the money by selling some of your property. However, what do you do when your home is on its third of fourth mortgage, your car is worthless and no one else seems to see the value in your Many Faces of Bob Saget collectors plates?

We Wouldn't Sell You If We Could.

Why, sell Grandma’s place of course! The place is too big for her now, and anyway, when you were a kid, she said something about maybe leaving you part of the house someday, so you’re just being financially prudent by realizing your investment before the housing market takes a further tumble. Grandma will no doubt enjoy being able to tell all the other inmates in her new, state-funded institution how her darling grandchild is a financial whiz. Everybody wins!

When We Moved Grandma Into Shady Acres, We Told Her We Were Going To The Circus. Grandma Got A Big Kick Out Of That.