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By Tardsie

Tardsie Knows Lots About Lotsa Stuff!

Welcome at last to our first “real” installment of Ask Tardsie, where we answer your questions–no matter how bizarre or uninformed–as honestly as we feel like. We believe that Tardsie’s wisdom has the power to change the world, but we say with some rather generous exaggeration and perhaps even a trifle more glib insincerity than normal, that none of this would be possible without you, the reader/listener.

Let’s get to your questions!

Elysian Hunter inquires about the true nature of the taint. 


Happiness Is Not a Disease wonders if it’s evil to think about demons a lot. 

Tardsie Had Something Similar Happen With His Computer One Time.

Tom Simard asks, ‘Why does the wind blow?” 


Madame Weebles wants to know if 650 or 675 volts is right for her flux capacitor. 


Jennifer Worrell asks about a potential career change. 

Being Like Unto A God Can Be Quite Lucrative.

White Lady in the Hood wants to know if the pizza man will ever show his face all up in her hizzie? 


Bill inquires about the propriety of kid-muzzlin’.¹ 

With Love And Proper Discipline, Your Boy Might Someday Be A Doctor.

Le Clown wants to know if Tardsie will help him score some bath salts. 


Brigitte asks about the format of Ask Tardsie, never realizing that what she really wants to know are some of Tardsie’s thoughts on nomenclature. 


We very much hope you enjoyed this, particularly as we’ll be doing it again regardless. So let’s have more questions. Write your inquiries in the comment space below, or email them to Tardsie@gmail.com. You’ll be SO glad you did!

¹Bill’s blog, The On Deck Circle, is a wonderful blog for baseball fans, particularly for those of us with only a casual knowledge of the game’s history and an interest in learning more. However, his lovely reminiscence, When Second Base Was a Handbag, is worth just about anybody’s time. Check it out. ∞ T.