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By Smaktakula

It Ain't Ego, It's My Love For You

It’s nice to know that the Sinister Minister has a healthy self-image.  Describing himself, he modestly opines:     

The word ‘prophet’ is too cheap a word.  I am a light in the midst of darkness.     

All this while managing to keep a straight face.     

I’m not sure what it is–Farrakhan’s megawatt smile, his past life as the calypso-singing Charmer, or simply that the man cuts a dashing figure in a suit–but for whatever reason, the incendiary head of the Nation of Islam (a race cult which should not be confused with the legitimate religion Islam) gets a break from the press.    If other public figures were make statements as vile and inflammatory as those the Honorable Louis makes regularly, they would be rightly excoriated.     

In a recent story, the Associate Press timidly said of Farrakhan’s statements regarding Judaism that “many considered {Farrakhan’s comments} anti-Semitic.” One of the incidents to which the AP refers is when he called Judaism a “gutter religion,”  in the wake of then-ally Jesse Jackson’s infamous “Hymietown” remark.  Some sources have suggested that Farrakhan called Judaism “dirty religion” rather than a “gutter religion,” as if the difference in word use was somehow exculpatory.     

The AP thinks that many regard Farrakhan’s comments to be anti-Semitic.  So, if not everybody agrees that labelling Judaism a gutter religion is anti-Semitic, who feels differently?    

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