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By Smaktakula

Denmark Is Known As "The Land Of The Rotten Jaw."

Most people associate smokeless tobacco, or ‘dip,’ with inbred American hillbillies.  While it is true that dip competes with methamphetamine and Mike’s Hard Lemonade for dominance in the American yokel market, it is even more beloved in other parts of the world.

Danes in particular love their chaw.  During the annual Spittelfjest, happy blond couples walk hand in hand along the saliva-slick cobblestones of Silkeborg, their lower lips pouched, brimming ‘bacco sluices.

The Danes’ ancient affinity for snuff remains evident to this day.  Not only did former viking raiders choose “Copenhagen’ as the name of their capital city, but the country’s most common toast is “Skål.”

It's True--Kiss A Dane And You Get A Little Bit Of A Contact Buzz.