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By Smaktakula

Are You Bringing Trudy Your Dogs–Or Your Soul?

Join us on Friday, November 25th, 2011 in our one-day boycott of Trudy’s Dog Washing Service.  For the community’s good, let’s hit this fatcat where it hurts–in her wallet!

For fifteen years Trudy Schwarz has sucked the lifeblood from this community.  Perspicacious enough to notice that seemingly everyone owned a dog, but that very few enjoyed washing the animals, Schwarz exploited this gap by offering to perform these duties for $35.  $35 might not seem like much money, but when you take into account the millions of dog owners in the United States, if each dog visited Schwarz’ business only once year, Trudy’s Dog Washing Service would still be grossing a cool $35 million.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

There are those who will say that Schwarz is providing a service that pet owners are unwilling to perform themselves, and that the small fee is appropriate compensation for her labors.    However, this view dangerously misreads Schwarz’s motives.

Kia spectra 2001

Schwarz Thinks She’s Hot Stuff ‘Cause Her Car’s Paid Off.

Make no mistake–Trudy Schwarz wants your dog to be dirty.  She wants you to bring the dog to her so she can clean it.  But don’t for a minute think that she’s doing this because she cares about you or your dog.  Schwarz is bathing your animal for one reason and one reason only–money.  It’s likely that profit is the sole reason Schwarz got into the dog washing business in the first place.

Like the fleas she sprays from your dog’s belly, Trudy Schwarz is a vicious parasite, sucking the precious lifeblood from America’s consumers.  For one day at least, let’s tell Trudy Schwarz to let her kids go hungry.