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By Smaktakula

Black As Midnight And Sweet As The Devil.

Today, the following clip from the classic movie Airplane! would be considered too offensive for modern theater audiences.  A generation ago, before taking offense became a national trait, major motion pictures were replete with such examples of inappropriate humor.  Extremely sensitive viewers may wish to skip the clip altogether.

What is damning about this clip, of course, is the young lady’s rather shocking contempt for artificial sweeteners, and her emphatically expressed preference for unadulterated coffee.  Younger readers might be surprised by prejudice, not old enough to remember the days when artificial sweeteners were looked upon not just as something unusual added to coffee, but an as affront against God Almighty Himself.

Smaktakula Takes It The Same Way: Strong, Black & Bitter.

Thankfully, today we live in a world where an individual can drink his coffee however he pleases, free from the judgements of small-minded individuals.  Modern coffee culture is an accepting and all-inclusive one, with coffee aficionados united not only by a love of the hot, bitter beverage, but also by a hatred of the homos who drink herbal teas.

Quick--Somebody Say Something Before It Gets Awkward.