And then there’s this…

Promethean Times

By Smaktakula

Most objective observers will readily agree that not only is Promethean Times one of the world’s leading outlets for critical news and hard data, but is also darn near infallible.  As much as we would wish otherwise, these powers of almost deific accuracy do not extend to all of our readers.  For some tragically simple members of our audience, PT can be a confusing, scary place.

Recently, a Promethean Times exposé on the rampant iniquities of Belgium, that nefarious nation of nasty ne’er-do-wells, has inadvertently caused some international hurt feelings.  At least two anonymous respondents (this anonymity is unsurprising when it is remembered that most Belgians do not have individual names, but identify one another through a complex cocktail of pheromones) allege that Promethean Times incorrectly implied internationally-despised dick Adolf Hitler had been born in Belgium.  In fact, the heinous dictator hailed from Austria.  It was never…

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