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By Smaktakula

Unfortunately, This Was Removed From The Shelves When It Was Discovered To Contain A Jewish Joke.

Q: Why Do Blondes Always Honk The Horn Three Times Before They Start Their Cars?

A: It Doesn’t Really Matter. The Joke Is Just A Vehicle To Get Across Our Point That Blond People Are Stupid And Slutty.


Can You Believe This Asshole Referred To Women As ‘Nappy Headed Hos?’ Talk About A Blonde Moment!

The myriad intricacies of the English language allow for a kind of magic.  We’ll demonstrate this through the following verbal feat, in which by the addition of a single adjective, we’ll transform a conversation-killing question into a social icebreaker.

We Don’t Know A Thing About Her, But We Can Tell She’s Not Very Smart. And A Whore.


Don’t pop this question when you’re standing around the water cooler:

“Why is my dog smarter than a woman?”

“You Disgust Me.”

Try this one instead:

“Why is my dog smarter than a blond woman?”

“Ha! She Probably Had SEX With That Dog! Blonde Jokes Are Neither Racist Nor Misogynist, So It’s Okay To Laugh!”


Have you ever noticed how you can tell blonde jokes in any kind of company, but the moment you even suggest that blond-haired, blue-eyed people are examples of genetic perfection, the party suddenly goes quiet? Man, that is awkward.

This Is About A Right As Nature Gets It. Ladies, Are We Wrong?

What makes the gag funny is that blond people are so stupid and slutty. It’s not offensive, though–blond people laugh when we tell these jokes  ∞T.