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By Smaktakula

The Lengths To Which Some People Will Go To Feed An Addiction Is Simply Shocking.

About a year ago, Wal-Mart was forced to fire cancer-ridden burnout Joseph Casias for flouting the retail giant’s strict drug policy.  No one could have known that the stoner would fight so ferociously for the reefer or that a US district court would be the only thing standing between the America we know and complete cannibachaos in which the world would eventually be remade in the image of a 1970s stoner movie.

It’s not clear exactly  why Casias thought the soulless retail giant would make an exception for his addiction.  By most accounts, Casias believed that he could get blunted behind Michigan’s medical marijuana laws, claiming that the inoperable brain tumor which is killing him somehow justifies his drug use.

If We're Not Careful, This Little Plant Could Undo Everything America's Corporations Have Worked So Hard To Achieve.

Now the US district court has given the ailing cheeba-monkey a little lesson to go along with his unending pain and the mental anguish of facing the end of life at 30: he’s not getting his job back, and he can like it or lump it.

Hopefully this will serve as a growth opportunity for Joseph Casias.  Sure–getting goofy on weed may ameliorate some of Casias’s unspeakable agony, but he lost his job.  Was it worth it, Cheech?

This Stoner Knows That--With The Exception Of The Nausea, Diarrhea, Hair-Loss And Death--He's Got A Pretty Sweet Thing Going.