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By Tardsie

"Don't Give Me That 'Et Tu' Shit--You've Had All Week To Fill Out Your Bracket."

The Ides of March

On which we celebrate America’s perverse and persistent predilection for unproductive pastimes, and the gazillions of work hours lost to the inanity (you’ll note we didn’t say insanity)  of March Madness.

St. Ides Won't Keep You Safe From Danger, But Can Make It So That You Just Don't Care.


New Mexico

The plethora of information available through the internet never ceases to amaze us. Using Google Maps to view the floor plan of a house owned by the parents of a young lady whom he’s stalking, Smaktakula recently made a fascinating discovery. Apparently, there’s now a NEW Mexico. We couldn’t be more pleased, as the idea was long overdue–let’s just hope that they take better care of it this time.

It Kinda Looks Like The Old Mexico To Us.


Our Madness Explained (Kinda) or Why We Are So Devolved

The effervescent, complex bouquet that is Promethean Times can’t be explained by anything so simple as a music video. But if it could, this would be the video:

So maybe that explains a lot, or perhaps you’re still in the dark.

When we wrote this piece, we thought we’d coined ‘bewaring’ as a corrupted verb form of ‘beware.’ Nope. Turns out it’s the real thing. ∞ T.