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By Tardsie

In which we respond to spam with a public service.

Disclaimer: Although he doesn’t really do it very much any more,¹ Tardsie is a licensed insurance professional in the state of California. Please consult your insurance provider before making any decisions or purchasing any insurance-related products.

Recently, Promethean Times received this spam message:

Invest In Gold
Submitted on 2013/04/24 at 6:44 am

Invest In Gold…

Does renter’s insurance cover jewelry….

Boy, Did You Come To The Right Guy!

We respond:

That’s a great question, Anonymous Spambot, and while we’re not interested in investing in gold at this time, we’d be more than happy to answer your query.

First of all, I’m delighted to hear that you have Renter’s Insurance. Despite being inexpensive and readily available, Renter’s Insurance, which most often includes a package of personal property protection, liability and guest medical coverage, is vastly underutilized in America today. The reasons are myriad, ranging from grossly underestimating the expense required to replace clothing, furniture and electronics in the event of a covered loss to a failure to understand the very real need for this product (e.g., “If the pipes burst, and water destroys all my stuff, my landlord will pay for it.”).

But to your question, “Will Renter’s Insurance Cover My Jewelry?” the answer is NO. Most Renter’s policies don’t cover unique or hard-to-replace items for more than an aggregate $1,000, if they cover them at all. In the event of a loss, these items will likely not be covered at their full value. Fortunately, many Renter’s policies allow you to schedule unique or hard-to-replace items at appraised values for an additional fee and a written appraisal from a qualified expert.

Your insurance agent will be more than happy to help you determine your exact needs in regard to scheduling jewelry and other high-value items on your Renter’s policy. We hope our advice has helped, and that your journey forward in the fascinating world of insurance minutiae is a rewarding one! Come again.

Lazy Bastard

I Try To Bring A Sense Of Quiet Professional Dignity To Everything I Do.

¹ I’ll actually be doing a short stint in the insurance salt mines from 05.20-5.31. Once again, I’ll need your pity, folks–they’re expecting five hours a day out of me. Thank God for the Memorial Day 3-Day Weekend. Working folk like us deserve a break now and then, am I right? ∞ T.