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By Smaktakula

Sheen's Latest Escapade Reportedly Involves A Naked Porn Star And Quite A Bit Of Screaming.

Charlie Sheen’s tenuous hold on sanity took another hit recently after a bizarre hotel incident found the notorious wife-beater institutionalized and forced to undergo a psychological evaluation.  Until this incident, Sheen’s most recent confinement had been an August rehab stint prompted by yet another domestic abuse accusation.

Sheen's Behavior Is Becoming Increasingly Erratic. Lately Sheen Has Claimed To Be 'Southside Pete,' A Tough-As-Nails Vietnam Vet Trying To Find His Way In A Country That Never Welcomed Him Back.

Although details are slowly emerging, Sheen’s latest cry for help is shrouded in mystery.  Like most of Sheen’s crimes, a woman is involved.  Surprisingly, she does not appear to have been the victim of any physical violence.  However, various accounts detail several recurring themes from the actor’s oeuvre: a hotel room, cocaine, booze, a naked skank, an improbable explanation and a delusional, screaming Sheen.

The Actor's Slow Descent Into Debauched Madness Used To Be Funny. It's Still Just As Funny, But Now Rather Sad, Too.

If Sheen’s increasingly irrational behavior hasn’t yet been a wake-up call for the studio enablers who have made him the highest paid actor on television, perhaps this latest episode will convey the message  that unless someone acts quickly and decisively, they’ll be left with One and a half Men.

Don't Be Alarmed. This Is Just Charlie's 'O' Face.