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By Smaktakula

The German Army doesn’t engender the same fear and respect that it did during the first half  of the 20th Century: children in Warsaw sleep soundly in their beds knowing that never again will the dreaded Wehrmacht come roaring from the west; in Amsterdam stoners and lechers alike sample the city’s many illicit delights without fearing the sound of jackboots on cobbled streets; and in Paris, Nicolas Sarkozy isn’t dusting off his nation’s official accord de capitulation just yet.

The biggest threat posed by modern Germany’s army is to its allies on the battlefield.  Recently in Afghanistan, German troops allegedly mistakenly killed several Afghani soldiers.

Rolling In His Fictional Unmarked Nazi Grave

Corrupt Afghan despot Hamid Karzai was no doubt concerned by the needless slaughter of his people, but relieved to find that none of the victims was an enemy Taliban leader with whom Karzai was secretly meeting.

In light of this unfortunate situation, coalition governments are worried about negative reaction throughout the Muslim world to the friendly-fire killing, fearing that it will jeopardize the broader coalition mission to stabilize Afghanistan.

The world waits nervously to see which faction will draw the ire of the Afghanis and the greater Muslim world: The German soldiers who committed the costly error, or the Taliban fighters whose actions necessitated the deadly battle?

Oh, Right.