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While BP’s ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico continues to spew crude like Charlie Sheen on a runaway Tilt-O-Whirl, the nefarious petroleum giant’s brain trust has run bone-dry.      

This BP Researcher Asks: WWBD?

In the early days of the crisis, BP’s Idea Men knew that to realize workable solutions, they would need to ask new questions.  Working at a fever-pitch, sometimes logging 20-hour days, it was less than two months later when BP scientists asked themselves the question which would prove their interrogative Rosetta Stone:     

What if the rupture and resulting spill had occurred not in the Gulf of Mexico, but rather in Gotham Harbor?      

In the simple elegance of the question, an answer quickly asserted itself: Giant Scissors!      

It's Been 56 Days. What The Fuck, Right?

Having Something To Do Keeps BP Executives From Hanging Themselves: FOXNews.com – BP to Use Giant Shears to Cut Leaking Pipe.