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By Smaktakula

Charlie Rangel, the Democratic congressman from New York’s 15th District, is fighting for his political life.  Amid a variety of ethics charges, Rangel has been forced to relinquish the chair of the House Ways and Means committee, but has managed a recent primary win and expects to keep his seat in November.

Despite The Malfeasance, Despite The Chicanery And Despite Not Having A Real Job Since 1971, It's Pretty Damn Hard Not To Like Charlie Rangel.

Charlie can’t like his odds for beating the myriad ethics violations stacked against him.  However, like a shark which must keep swimming, it’s guaranteed Rangel will give it a go.  If there’s anyone capable of extricating himself from his own mess, it’s Harlem’s loveable scoundrel.

Take A Break, You Scamp! You've Earned It.