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By Smaktakula

Paula Enjoys A Delicious Snack Of Sugared Veal Fat Fried In Hog Oil.

White trash TV personality Paula Deen thinks that if it’s worth eating, it’s worth eating fried.  To Deen there exists no substance which could not be improved with breading and a fifteen-minute soak in molten hog lard.  As evidence, we present Paula’s recipe for fried butter balls.  For you folks watching your weight, don’t worry–Paula cuts the butter with a little cream cheese.

Deen can afford to be adventurous.  At 64 years old, she has long outlived the life-expectancy afforded by her diet.  What won’t she fry?

Frying It In Bacon Fat Helps Keep That Orange Shit Off Your Fingers.

If You Don't Want To Fry It, You Can Always Participate In Another Tradition Of The South, And Get Real High By Sucking The Nitrous Out Of The Can.

Pork Rinds: Even Better When Fried A Second--Or A Third--Time.

Lard Mixed With Raw Sugar Works Better, But What The Heck, Right?

Just Kidding About This One. We Thought We'd Try To Slip It Past You.