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By Smaktakula

Attention idiots: you may be threatening the wrong Casey Anthony.

It's Totally Okay To Hate Her. It Feels Pretty Good, Doesn't It?

The public is pretty upset about last week’s jury decision clearing accused child-murderess Casey Anthony of all but the most minor charges.  Most people find an appropriate outlet for this rage, such as Facebook status updates or in the Lethe-like powers of alcohol.  Some, however, express their animus through inappropriate displays like death threats.

Sadly, all those death threats don’t always find their intended targets.  As it turns out, that there are one or two other Casey Anthonys running around out there.  One of these is Casey Anthony of Darby, Pennsylvania, who has recently been receiving death threats from well-meaning, but moronic members of the public.  This Casey Anthony, if people had bothered to check, is a dude–a goateed, bald black dude, who in fact bears only a passing resemblance to the clean-shaven, fully folliculate, infanticidal white chick.

Look, Color-Blindness And Gender Neutrality Have Their Place, But Don't Be An Idiot.

To make matters worse for ‘Good’ Casey, he’s not the only member of his family to have the name.  It turns out that two of his sons are also named Casey Anthony.

Wait.  What?