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By The Promethean Times Editorial Staff

Many Soldiers Have Served Under Gay Commanders With Great Satisfaction.

With the repeal of the cowardly “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” now at hand, America is finally forced to come to grips with the notion of openly gay people serving in the military.  Our position on homosexuals serving in the military–or in doing anything anyone else does–is as follows:

Won’t ask.  Don’t Care.

Gay Men In The Navy? WHAAAAAA?!?

Seriously, the gender of the person you sleep with is the least interesting thing about you.

A gay couple gets married?  Don’t care.
Lesbians decide to adopt a child?  Don’t care.
A gay man for president? Don’t care.
Gay people upset because Promethean Times pokes fun at them?  Don’t care. ∞T.