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By Smaktakula

A Professor Can Expect Impressionable Students To Laugh At His Jokes, Even If They've Heard "Dick-In-A-Box" Before.

Promethean Times has previously weighed in on some hitherto unexplored aspects of time-travel theory, but the highly theoretical field remains open to examination.  For example, another cool thing to do with a time-travel machine would be to go back in time to the mid-to-late Sixties and adopt the identity of a hip, young college professor.   The high incidence of naive but recently-sexually-liberated coeds away from home for the first time would provide virtually unlimited carnal possibilities.

Every One A Wanton Hussy.

An inexpert analysis of the scenario might create the erroneous impression that these time-shattering endeavors would be more fruitfully spent as a rock star.  True, musicians on the whole pull a higher quantity of ass than do academicians, but a professor can expect a staggering 45% less skank from his slightly smaller take.  Plus, an educator’s career can last for decades.  There’s no tenure for a one-hit wonder.

We Wouldn't Brag About This One, Guys.