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By Smaktakula

Heidi: Too Beautiful To Live.

The Germans did, of course.

Leipzig, Germany–Heidi, the famed special-needs opossum, has died recently under circumstances Promethean Times deems mysterious.  The beloved monstrosity was three and a half years old.

We first encountered Heidi while researching our August 15th story, ‘Possums: Impossumable Not To Love, and like so many others, we were charmed by the malformed marsupial.  When at that time we expressed doubts about the level of care Heidi  would receive at the hands of the Germans,  we had no idea how soon those fears would prove prophetic.

Heidi died shortly after receiving a lethal injection administered by Leipzig Zoo staff.  The sentence was carried out on the orders of as-yet-unidentified veterinarian, who indicated that the creature was listless and unable to move due to advancing age, and that the killing was a mercy.

What's Really Strange Is That The Germans Have Such A Great Track Record. If You Don't Count That One Thing.

Others aren’t so sure.  “They’re lying to us, and the public is swallowing it up,” says opossum  ophthalmologist Dr. Emil Haagerdäddi.  “You’re telling me that a three-year old opossum just ups and dies of old age?  Ridiculous!  I have a boy who’s that age–and I can assure you, he’s got ten, maybe fifteen good years ahead of him.”

Unfortunately, it may be years before an accurate picture of Heidi’s final days emerges–if the truth is ever known.  Until that hoped-for day, a shocked and grieving world must content itself with the inspiring memory of this brave creature whom God never intended to live.

You will be missed, Heidi.

The Leipzig Zoo Is Still Making Money From Its Freak Act, So In A Way, Everybody Wins.

Below are some images of the beautiful soul who was taken too early.  For proper effect, allow the YouTube video to play while you peruse the gallery.