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By Smaktakula

Exposing Your Junk To Perfect Strangers Is A Time-Honored American Tradition.

The modern world changes with such baffling rapidity that innovations in technology, fashion and language are transforming yesterday into an unrecognizable anachronism.  The information age has rendered obsolete the newspaper, the personal letter and the DMV.  Thanks to the plethora of pornography available at a keystroke, even the naked human body has become a curious relic of a bygone age.  Pennsylvania pervert Brody Hall made a game effort to turn back the clock on our cynical era by returning some of nudity’s whimsicality and sense of fun.  But like so many other gentle dreamers, Hall found himself crushed beneath the weight  of an impersonal, uncaring societal juggernaut.

A devotee of the lost art of flashing, Hall treated his hometown of Corry, Pennsylvania with an up-close-and-personal view of the young man’s dingus.  After ensuring that he was sufficiently liquored up, Hall knocked on random doors throughout the forgotten backwater, rewarding those who answered with a full Monty.  Hall later explained that his intentions were to “scare the children.”

Your Mother Must Be Very Proud.

But as with so many lofty goals, Hall’s plans met with an insurmountable obstacle: an uncaring, anesthetized society with no time for such old-timey foolishness.   So it was that Hall’s luck ran out when he unknowingly displayed his genitals to Corry’s chief of police, who wasted no time in bringing an end to the exploits of the dangling do-gooder.

The local authorities contend that society is safer without being forced to regard Hall’s waggling man-meat, and perhaps they’re correct.  Maybe there’s no longer any room in this age of instant gratification for a charming relic of yesteryear like the flasher.  Still, society owes a debt to men like Brody Hall.  Thanks to small core of dedicated craftsmen who continue to practice exhibitionism, a charmingly anachronistic piece of our heritage is being preserved for posterity.

Horatio Coxswain, The Legendary 'Marysville Masher,' Was Famous For Exposing Himself While Riding A Bicycle.