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By Smaktakula

Try To Think Of It Not As A Loss, But As An Opportunity.

After the death of a loved one, well-meaning friends and acquaintances will tell you, often in these very words, If there’s anything I can do, just let me know. Why not take them up on it? Certainly they wouldn’t have offered if they didn’t mean it, and will no doubt be overjoyed to help out.

Putting the technique into play!

"Cody, I'm So Sorry For Your Loss. If There's Anything I Can Do--Anything--Don't Hesitate To Ask."

"Hey, Thanks A Lot, Mr. Johnson. I Appreciate It. Since You Offered, Do You Mind If I Borrow Your Extra Car 'Till I Can Get Back On My Feet? That Would Be Really Awesome!"

"Oh, Yeah--My Car. Um, You See, Cody, The Thing About That Is..."

"I'm Sorry, Mr. Johnson--That Was Way Out Of Line, And I'm Sorry. I Was Just Thinking That 'Cause You Said I Should Ask If There Was Anything You Could Do, And 'Cause My Mom Got Burned To A Crisp In That Shoe-Factory Fire, That...No, Never Mind. Forget I Ever Brought It Up."


"How Long Do You Think You'll Need The Car?"

It’s a winner!


"Cody, I Was So Sorry To Hear About Your Mom. You Let Me Know If There's Anything I Can Do To Help."