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By Tardsie

A friend of mine died tragically this weekend. He was far too young. Has there ever been an instance of someone who died too old?


For what is it all but being hatched,

And running about the yard,

To the day of the block?

Save that a man has an angel’s brain,

And sees the ax from the first!

Edgar Lee Masters

Spoon River Anthology


The Pursuit of Happiness

You can’t chase down happiness like a hunted animal. While you might pursue–and catch–a great many other things, you’ll have to find happiness within yourself. Love yourself and let others love you. Ain’t no other way, folks.


Do It Right

If you could be anyone in the world at any time, who would it be? By ‘be,’ we don’t mean that you’d simply have the person’s appearance, property or talents, but that you would actually be that person. Who would you choose?

If it’s anyone other than the person you look at in the mirror every morning, you’re doing something wrong.


Your Problems

Next time you’re feeling blue, take a moment to think about a kid in the Horn of Africa.

Do you imagine he’s concerned about how much it will cost to fix that weird noise the car is making, or do you think he’s a little more worried about where he’s going to find food to put in his belly and maybe live for another day?



Tell the people who matter that you love them, and don’t walk away angry. Among my most priceless possessions is the knowledge that the last words I ever spoke to my mother were ‘I love you too.’


Be Happy

Be happy.