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By Tardsie

Apparently This Space-Waster Is A Recent American Idol Winner. We’re None The Richer For The Knowledge.

The following recent conversation between my wife and I should illustrate the vast and yawning gulf that separates my psyche from the popular culture. I had just learned that an acquaintance of my in-laws had worked closely in some capacity with entertainer Shania Twain.

When You Find Yourself Nostalgic For The Days Of Pauly Shore, Andrew “Dice” Clay And Max Headroom, You Know The Culture’s In A Sad State.

Tardsie: Shania Twain. Is she the chick from American Idol?

Mrs. Tardsie: I don’t know, but that doesn’t sound right.

Tardsie: Then is she the one married to that country music guy? You know, the pitcher’s son, whatsizname–Tim McGraw?

Mrs. Tardsie: I don’t know…(Stabs at her iPhone for a few moments)…No, it says he’s married to Faith Hill.

Tardsie: Isn’t that the chick from the Fugees?

And It’s Not Such A Stretch Either That One Of These Guys Could Be Named “Shania.”