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By Smaktakula

Rigidity, long viewed as an asset within Trojan® Brand Condoms’ corporate culture, may now be its undoing.  The prophylactic powerhouse is missing out on a marketing goldmine.

Condoms: A Great Way To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Or Any Sensation In The Penis During Sex.

The condom manufacturer boasts several lines of extra-large condoms, including Magnum and Max Pro.  Industry studies show that 25%-30% of the men who purchase these products do so because they have penises too large for regular-sized condoms.

The remaining percentage are thought to be microdick poseurs who believe that pretending to be the proud owner of a penis the size of a baby’s forearm will impress the clerk at Walgreens.  It won’t; she’s seen bigger.

As effective as Magnum and Max Pro may be in attracting the better-hung man’s dollars, Trojan has yet to utilize the branding coup of the decade.  Amazingly, it seems no one has yet wondered, Wouldn’t it be great if there were already a word which people associate with ‘Trojan,’ but which also connotes superhuman endowment?