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By Smaktakula

If The Future Has Anything To Teach, It's That The Pederasts Will Outlive Us All.

We think it would be way cool to be able to travel backward in time, but not for the typically cited reasons, such as dumping that Lehman stock while it’s still hot, killing Hitler or doing the nasty with Joan of Arc.  Instead, we’d use this precious opportunity to fuck with people from simpler, more primitive societies.

For example, if visiting late 19th Century Victorian England, Smaktakula might insist to all he meets that he is a certain Mr. Beyotch, placing a ridiculous emphasis on the second syllable so that it rises in pitch to end almost in a screech.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Beyotch.”

“My dear sir–that’s BeyOTCH!”

Man, that would be anachronistically epic.

The "Maid" Of Orléans. The Chick's French--How Hard Can It Be To Get All Up In That Chainmail?

FYI:  Joan became legal circa 1430 AD, only to die a year later in 1431 AD.  That’s your window of opportunity right there. ∞T.