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Did You Know?: Earth's Spiritual Leader Was Once In A Band.

Bono isn’t just the earthbound embodiment of all that is earnest and righteous in the cosmos, He’s also the world’s most famous Irishman (there are eleven other famous Irish people, four of whom are living).  Although He is by no means representative of the Irish people as a whole, He does put to rest a number of stereotypes.  For example: He’s not particularly quarrelsome, isn’t known for the drink and has money coming out His ass.

Good on ya, Mate!*

Lucky, Ireland's 2nd Most Famous Person. "If Ye Think Yer Havin' A Go At Me Lucky Charms, Then Yer In Fer A Right Fookin' Surprise. I'll See Ye Dead First, I Will."

*Australia and Ireland are entirely different countries.  No, they’re not even near each another. ∞T.