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By Smaktakula

A Testament To The Power Of The Tux: You're Looking At A Picture Of Carrot Top.

The tuxedo, the origins of which lie in the late 19th Century, is essentially a modern invention.  Worn in a variety of styles and bearing various regional names–smoking or dinner jacket; morning coat; monkey suit–the tuxedo is de rigueur for a myriad of formal occasions.

The best thing about this piece of fitted apparel is that while it may not transform Tom Arnold into Cary Grant, it goes a long way in that direction.  It’s hard to look bad in a tux.

However, it must be acknowledged that there exist a very few exceptions which prove the rule.

There's No Easy Way To Tell Him That His Seventeen Years Of Unremitting Virginity Will Not End Tonight.

Sometimes even celebrities, our natural betters, can fuck up a tux.

Considering All The Other Efforts John Cusack Has Expended Over The Years To Kickstart This Unlikable Dick's Career, He Could Have Thrown In His Stylist's Number.

Help Protest This Detestable Garment By Joining Us In Boisterously Chanting: "TAKE IT OFF!!! TAKE IT OFF!!!"

Q: How Many Ds Are Contained Within This Picture? A: Ten, If You Count The Pair Of Douchebags And The Four Double-Ds.