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By Smaktakula

The London Blitz Is A Hard Act To Follow.

Lacking an NHL or NBA Championship, kids in the UK aren’t afforded regular rioting opportunities like their American and Canadian counterparts.  In many parts of London, the window panes of Starbucks and T-Mobile outlets last for years, often for the life of the business.  So when Mark Duggan was shot dead by the police in Tottenham, local youth wasted no time in springing to action.

In America, Riots Are The Purview Of A Bored Middle Class.

Within days the party fever had spread to kids in Brixton, Islington and several other of London’s shitty backalleys.  The can-do kids of today’s UK have outdone previous generations of rioters, having set more of London ablaze than anyone since Adolf Hitler.

Although the crisis is only a few days old, some less scrupulous musicians are trying to make a name for themselves by capitalizing on the tragedy.  Observe:

“The Clash?”  They’ll never last.  One-hit wonders for sure. ∞T.